Kamis, 04 Mei 2017

penis test

hi honey. hi. what do you have there? i ordered a male ego enhancement product. what? you know. male ego enhancement.

penis test, oh. like a lamborghini? yea, but a lot less expensive. like, replacing me with a trophy wife? no, this way i don't have to give you half my stuff.

well, what does it do? it won't make my penis smaller. and... but they'll make you think that it must be really huge. how will it do that? i'm not really sure. it's something called the placebo effect. i love that band! you see, i take them every day... and then i place them out here on the counter...

and then everyone who sees it, you included... will think that i have a really big penis and... need to take pills to make it smaller. but i already know how big it is. again, it's the magic of the placebo effect. so i'm just going to leave these here... shouldn't you take some first?

penis test

oh, i already have. want to pop up to the bedroom for a quickie...

before your entire family shows up for dinner? sure, big boy!

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